Another Link to Learn Finnish Online

I found this site where you can get plenty of information about Finnish in English.

Finnish Grammar

The author has even written down the verb types, including some examples on how to form them into Present Tense, Past Tense, Past Perfect Tense, Present Conditional, Past Conditional, Imperative, and many more.

Plus you can also read plenty of sentence examples and important phrases (e.g. to read between the lines) there including the meanings in English, so you don't have to struggle hard to understand them.

You can also browse through the vocabulary sections. I'd better start reading them myself, since there are many things I don't know yet! ;-D

For me personally, it's FUN to learn the grammar and try to find out how a sentence is formed. When reading magazines and learning new words and new forms of words, I try to remember the sentence and how to formulate it. Everybody has different ways of learning, so just keep on trying and NEVER give up!!!