The Last Straw (That Broke the Camel's Back)

Today I was reading hubby's Aku Ankka (Donald Duck) and found this phrase: "Tuo oli viimeinen pisara."

Uncle Scrooge was angry at a bear who tried to eat him and then it tried to steal his money hi hi hi he basically said, "It was the last straw!" and he went berserk!!!

I looked up "pisara" in the dictionary and it literally means "a drop".

Example: sadepisara = a raindrop, whereas vesipisara = a drop of water.

I browsed online to find more examples of use for sadepisara and vesipisara and here are they:

1. Yhtään vesipisaraa ei vielä ole taivaalta tippunut. (taken from here)

Ei yhtään = not at all
Vielä = yet
Taivas = sky ---> root: taivaa- + -lta = taivaalta
Tippua = fall ---> on tippunut = has fallen

Not one drop of water has fallen down from the sky yet.

2. Montako sadepisaraa valtameressä on? (taken from here)

Valtameri = ocean

How many raindrops are there in the ocean?