Fun with Words

Just like in many languages, sometimes the wrong pronunciation may make other people laugh as the word changes completely if you say it differently.

Recently I found out these tricky Finnish words:

Lima = mucus, slime

Liima = glue

Leima = stamp

They sound so similar, but they have SUCH different meanings, right? This is one of the joys of learning a new language. ;-D You just have to take it easy and not be too hard on yourself, don't you agree?

I also got this wedding anniversary greeting SMS from my mom-in-law:

'Onnea, onnea, onnea vaan,
punainen tupa ja peruna maa!'

= Happiness, happiness, happiness only,
a red cottage and a potato field!

So it seems that it's a Finnish way of wishing you the best. Interesting!!! ;-D