Last week I made a HUGE pot of meatball soup, thinking that I could bring some for my in-laws. I made them by mixing up salmon meat and mince meat with two eggs and salt and pepper plus a little bit of rice flour. Then I turned them into balls and put them inside boiling water and waited until they were done.

Here's the picture:

When I brought some to my mom-in-law, she asked me what it was, so I said: "Lihapallo keitto." (liha = meat, pallo = ball, keitto = soup)

She asked again, "Mitä?"

Then hubby said, "LihaPULLA!"

We all laughed out loud. Even though pallo means ball, but "meatball" in Finnish is actually "lihapulla". Pallo can be used in combination for "soccer" = "jalkapallo", but not for meatball.

Oh's SO funny when you're learning a new language hi hi hi...


Anonymous said...

Can I try it?